Litz Wire

It is made up of a bundle of single electrically insulated copper wires (i.e., enamelled), which can be grouped into different geometries according to the design and construction needs. It is used in applications requiring high frequency performance.

In our production, the wire’s diameter used for making such a conductor varies between 0.04 mm and 1 mm. Therefore, the sections of the Litz wires we can manufacture span between 0,00377 mm2 (i.e., 3,00 x 0,04 mm) and 150 mm2.


Unserved Litz Wire

This Litz wire is simply grouped in a bundle, with different geometries and sizes, designed to best meet the application requirements. We manufacture both round and rectangularised unserved Litz wires. Read more

Taped Litz wire

To achieve higher dielectric strength, thermal resistance and piercing voltage, bundles of Litz wire can be further insulated by external taping. Read more

Served Litz wire

To increase dimensional stability, flexibility, and mechanical protection, Litz wire can be insulated with yarn. Read more

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