Litz wire

Taped Litz wire

To achieve higher dielectric strength, thermal resistance and piercing voltage, bundles of Litz wire can be further insulated by external taping.

Here it follows the list of the principal insulating films used for our production, both individually and paired:

  • Nomex® Dupont T410 – thermal class: H 180° - C 220°
  • Aramid paper (SYNtherm® YT510) – thermal class: H 180°
  • Polyester film (PET) – thermal class: B 130°
  • Polymide film – thermal class: H 180°
  • Fiberglass tape – thermal class: C 250°
  • MICA tapes – thermal class: F o H depending on the impregnation resins

Also in this case, sections could be both round and rectangularised

Litz wire